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Saitama Inu price predictions ,when saitama inu kills 3 zeroes and How to Buy Saitama Inu Coin

There's a new cryptocurrency in town that's rocketing up the charts so fast it makes all the other coins seem like they're not moving. Its name is Saitama Inu, and it's managed to grab the attention of the entire crypto community from crypto newbies to Bitcoin Maxis for one reason in particular, it's rapid fire gains. In fact, Saitama Inu has been easily outperforming the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. But what exactly is Saitamainu? Is it a promising new altcoin worth every second of hype or is it not?Stick around to the end of this to find out. As always, this is not financial advice. We are not responsible for any losses or profits you may make .In this Blog We talk about Saitama Inu Coin,Saitama Inu Price Predictions ,it's future and much more  which trades under the ticker Saitama?  Introduction of Saitama Inu token  Saitama Inu Token was launched in June 2021. The Saitama Inu Blockchain is a decentralized community platform bui

2022 What is Meme Coin ,Meme Coin meaning and where to buy meme coins , prices ,list .

In this blog we talk about  What is meme Coin , Meme Coin meaning ,Meme coin list , top meme coin and where to buy meme coin ,meme coin prices and much more. 


We need to talk about the absolute insanity that is happening in the crypto world right now. If I come up to you and give you an offer, an offer to risk any amount of money, you have a 50% chance of potentially losing more than half of it. You have a 50% chance of potentially multiplying it by over 100 times. That is literally the scenario that is happening right now in the cryptocurrency world with Meme Coins. And I am not talking about Dogecoin.I am talking about new coins that are being created right now with really low market caps, and they are getting absolutely insane momentum. In this video, I'm going to share everything I know about Meme Coins, and I will do my best to paint the best picture without any biases. Just so you know, as a Disclaimer, I pretty much just bought as many Meme Coins as I could and I have found a disgusting amount of success. But I really want to focus on what's going on here, the history of what's going on.Is it too late? How do I buy them? And I also want to share what the dangers are of buying Meme Coins. Let's go back to that scenario I mentioned at the beginning. Would you take it?

Meme Coin Shiba Inu

Those are some pretty good odds, but you probably wouldn't risk your life savings. You'd probably risk your lunch money. At least I hope you wouldn't risk your life savings. That would be pretty stupid.But if you were to do something that stupid a couple weeks ago, you would be a very, very stupid rich person. I wish I had more money to waste on Meme Coins. But with that being said, Meme Coins are terrible investments. Incredible gambles, sort of. You kind of have to know what's going on.

Meme Coin Meaning |What is Meme Coin 

Meme Coin meaning .It is a coin or a token that has no inherent value and oftentimes the not no utility. They are typically themed around a meme on the Internet, but not limited to Memes.

For example, Dogecoin, the original Meme coin. I'm sure most people are familiar with that branded off of the Doge Meme much. Wow. Back then, creating a cryptocurrency was not so easy. You actually had to be a developer.

There really was a lot to it, and you really needed a niche set of skills in order to create your own cryptocurrency. Nowadays, pretty much. All you have to do is pay the fee and sign up and boom, you have your own cryptocurrency. And that is how there are meme coins popping up every single day. All they do is pick a name, pay the fees and provide liquidity.

I'll explain that a little bit more in a bit, but realistically, the most difficult part about a meme coin is actually convincing enough people that your coin is the next Doge coin, because everybody knows if you bought Dogecoin in the beginning, you would be laughing with the millionaires. Right now, when it comes to utility, a cryptocurrency can do many different things. It could be a finance token, it could be a digital eSIM network, it could be an entertainment network. But in the case of meme coins, you pretty much buy it for the meme. That's about it.Utility is optional. Now to recap a meme coin or a Poo coin, for lack of better words, is a coin that is branded off of a meme that does not inherently have value. You would use a liquidity pool to give it value, and the value is added when people buy the coin out of the liquidity pool. Typically, these meme coins have a very high circulating supply, anywhere from 1 quadrillion to 100 quadrillion. Is that even a real number?

I'm not sure it is a real number. Now let me explain what I just talked about there about the liquidity pool. This was a concept that was very confusing to me, and I still don't quite fully understand it. But the best way I can describe it is think of a scale where on one side of the scale you have a coin that has real value, and then you have your coin on the other side, the two sides must equal the same. So when you buy meme coins out of the pool, it increases the value because the supply and the liquidity pool goes down.

This is an automated alternative to the typical exchange where you have a buyer and a seller. The benefits of a liquidity pool or an LP are that if you have a very low market cap and low volume, it makes it very easy for people to still make trades. The problem is that it almost gives full freedom for anybody to just drop their coins into the pool and plummet the value. But there are some ways to look out for that, and I'll explain that a bit later. So that's sort of a description of what is a meme coin and meme coin meaning .

Meme Coin

Where to buy meme coin | Should You buy meme coins? Meme Coin prices

 Now, it is a good idea to buy meme coins.There's a lot of coins that could follow in the footsteps of Safe Moon,Shiba ,Doge, and Elongate, as well as many others that have been very successful. To be completely transparent, after the success of Safe Moon, I kind of just threw $50 at any coin I could find. The biggest place to find them are Tik, Tok and Reddit. You can also find them on Twitter.The price of these meme coins is very very low .There much more zeroes in it i.e.0.000000001$ or more  .So you will get much more coins.  A lot of these coins are developed for longevity.

I told about best meme coins , top meme coins here. 

The whole idea is that by you holding, you are receiving rewards by not selling that's part of the 10% tax. That happens every time. That is part of the whole gimmick. So personally I'm deciding to hold on, see where it goes. But of course, you know, this is not financial advice.

I don't know what I'm doing. I'm buying memes on the internet. Speaking of which, the barrier to actually buy a meme coin is not that simple, which makes me think we are actually still in the early days because of how many steps it takes to actually buy your first meme coin. Now, before you go ahead and buy a meme token, there's some things you got to look out for. 

Now talk about Where to buy meme coins.

You can Buy these meme coins on Pancake swap, Uniswap and other centralize exchanges which I generally use the most is Hotbit and Bitmart.

Disadvantages of Meme Coin Investing 

There are some dangers in investing in meme coins. The biggest danger is that because it is so easy to create your own meme token, there is going to be a lot of scams.  The scam is what is called a rug pull. This is where the developers sort of hold a bunch of coins. They get people to buy in and then they dump their coins back into the market causing the value to plummet and they just take their money and run.

The best way to avoid this problem is to do your research, find coins that are vetted, audited. It is basically like a third party safety check. If the developer is very public with who they are, for example, they show their face or their voice, they're a public person. There's a good chance that developer is not planning on scamming people because they essentially.

Hope you get good knowledge about   What is meme Coin , Meme Coin meaning ,Meme coin list , top meme coin and where to buy meme coin ,meme coin prices and much more.


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